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Jules Mumm Fashion Edition by Kaviar Gauche

Client: Jules Mumm & Kaviar Gauche
Media: Bottle Labels, POS, Advertising
Agency & Label Design: DDB, Berlin
Flower Design: Kaviar Gauche

Photography: Ragnar Schmuck

I was asked to build four labels filled with paper flowers for a special design edition of sparkling wine bottles. The beautiful bottle designs were created by DDB Berlin for a cooperation between German fashion brand Kaviar Gauche and German sparkling wine brand Jules Mumm. The paper flowers were used for the bottle design as well as for POS and advertising.

I produced additional paper flowers for the Kaviar Gauche shop decoration in Munich (in cooperation with BOLD Berlin) and for the Jules Mumm Fashion Week pop up bar in Berlin
(in cooperation with KALUZA + SCHMID Berlin).

Paper flowers for the Kaviar Gauche Store in Munich, Germany.

Paper flowers for the Jules Mumm fashion week pop up bar in Berlin.