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Where the Gigs Are

Client: Synchrony Bank, USA
Media: Editorial
Agency: The Foundry New York, USA

Photography: Ragnar Schmuck

In the United States and around the world, workers and companies alike are embracing the gig economy. For Synchrony Bank I visualized important facts and numbers around this topic.

Made with paper by folia.

The Impact of the Gig Economy in the United States
10.7% of American households earn income from self-employment.
$4.4 billion in total self-employment income earned.
$35,395 in average per-household self-employment income 
19% increase in the number of Americans in the gig economy from 2005 to 2015.

Where the Self-Employed Work in the U.S

Montana: 16.1%
Maine: 15.4%
Vermont: 14.4%
South Dakota: 14.2%
Oregon: 13.4%

The Gig Workers

Men are more likely to be self-employed than women.
Men: 12.3%
Women: 7.5%

The Gigs

The occupations where the self-employed make the biggest contribution:

Construction and extraction, 19.2% of all people in this occupation are self-employed
18.6% Management, business and financial operations
13.6% Sales

The Cities

Cities where average household self-employment income has grown faster than median household income: 

Atlanta, Phoenix & Detroit